Thrashmetallibändi Tornado teki koulukiusaamisesta kertovalle kappaleelle ’David and Goliath’ koskettavan videon. Videon loppuun laitettiin Ei Kiusata ry:n logo ja yhteystiedot.


Tornado – David and Goliath

Music and Lyrics – Superstar Joey Severance

You are such a loser, a pencil neck geek
You must be a faggot or some other freak
Your social skills are lacking you have no friends
Your life it has no meaning you should bring it to an end
I am your nightmare every day at school
You wish we were friends because I am cool
And when you are home I’ll attack you online
People like you will never shine, you’re a

Loser – Loser
I hate you – Hate you

I am not a loser, I’m a human being
The students at my school are violent and mean
They throw me to the ground or punch me in the face
Saying awful things like I’m a disgrace
I am at the end, I see no hope in sight
I will end my life on this very night
So all of you bullies I hope you are proud
Terrorizing those not of the in crowd, you

Loser – Loser
I hate you – Hate you

I can’t believe the things that I see
Happening right now in our society
Where children are forced to take their own lives
While the world sits in silence not hearing their cries
David stand up and face your Goliath
Speak up now, and don’t remain silent
You are a star in your own way
Break the chains that bind you today and scream

Winner – Winner
I love me – Love me